Lungauer Murtallauf

Lots of news at the 4th international Murtallauf!


The 5th holding of the great "Lungauer Murtallaufes" presented by Bezirksblätter provides lots of changeges. The main run will be discharged on Sunday, 25 June, 2017 with the distances from 5.5 to 21.1. kilometres.

The award ceremony takes place in the afternoon in the heart of Tamsweg followed by the sprints.

Enjoy the run in a beautiful landscape on sunday forenoon!

The runner can choose between four locations: St. Michael, St. Maragethen, Unternberg and Mörtelsdorf.

On the last weekend of June the candidates can choose one of the following routs:

  • "Intersport Frühstückl Panoramalauf" over the half-marathon-distance
  • "Murauer BIER relay" for 2 persons with 12,6 and 8,5 kilometres
  • "Sparkasse adventure run" over 15 kilometres
  • Ökopharm enjoyment run over 10 kilometres
  • "Schöller Eis Nordic Walking" beside the river Mur over 8 kilometres
  • "Tamsweger fitness run" over 5,5 kilometres

All this competitions have there target at the market place in Tamsweg.

There will be an award ceremony for the runner and moreover they can expect lots of culinaric offers from the landlords in Tamsweg.

"An event for all runners!" is on the list on sunday evening.

For everybody who is interested in running but the routes are to long in the morning, they have the possibility to take place on different 600 m routes in Tamsweg:

  • Stefan Ritzer Integrationslauf
  • Tamsweger Windelmeile
  • KMK Kinderlauf
  • Ehrenreich Gaudi- und Familienlauf
  • AK-ÖGB Firmenlauf

The amount of the route and of the members is variable. Here is the joy and happiness in the foreground and the winning in the background.

Here you can find more information!

Here you can see the offers!