St. Michael in the UNESCO biosphere park Salzburger Lungau!

The holidayparadise for the whole family in the Salzburger Land - in the heart of austria!

In the southernmost point of the Salzburger Land, St. Michael in the UNESCO biosphere park Salzburger Lungau is a true natural juwel. Embedded in the sunniest region of austria, St. Michael fulfills all requirements for an unforgettable holiday!

In the idillic mountains of the Lungau, doing sport has a great charme and is fun either in the winter or in the summer, for beginners, advanced and also for professionals.

For bicycle lovers, St. Michael is a hot spot because the very well known „Tour de Mur“ starts in St. Michael. Who doesn’t want to go that far by bike can also enjoy the beauty of the cycle paths in the Salzburger Lungau.  For mountain lovers, the region also offers 15 different mountainbike paths.

Not only bicycling is possible, you can also start some beautiful hikes from St. Michael and enjoy the beautiful nature.

All together – St. Michael offers attractions for everybody and is therefore a great holidayspot.