Samson Parade

A living tradition

Folk traditions have great significance here in the Lungau. Spread out at various events throughout the year, the traditional spirit of this region is clearly evident. And that includes, for example, when Samson makes his way through the streets in autumn.

The tradition of the Samson parade actually goes all the way back to the 16th century. Since that time, the annual procession with Samson along our lanes and streets, accompanied by a music band and generally by ceremonial militia, is undoubtedly one of the seasonal highlights.

As the emblem of the Lungau and a symbol of strength and power, the heroic biblical figure, weighing in at a substantial 80 kilos, is borne through the town. Quite the colorful spectacle indeed, as the 6 to 8 meters-tall giant is hoisted into the air by the Samson Bearers.

Important Dates:

11.06.2017 - Samson at the "Fire & Voice" festival
15.06.2017 - Samson parade to mark Corpus Christi
15.08.2017 - Samson procession on the Katschberg
24.09.2017 - Samson parade, part of the Market Festivals