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Parish Church in St. Michael

It is presumed that the first church was constructed in St. Michael in the 9th/10th century, on the site of a pre-Christian place of worship. After falling into disrepair in around 1100, the new St. Michael's Church is chronicled as having been built in 1147. In 1500, the nave was added and, in 1513, the church was reconsecrated together with the filial church of St. Martin. The surviving octagonal charnel house and St. Wolfgang's Chapel presumably date back to the 14th century.

St. Augustine's Chapel and Eye Fountain

The votive panels from the 18th century remind us of the many stories and legends which swirl around St. Augustine's Chapel in St. Martin. According to legend, this small chapel, which stands on a little hill in the forest, already existed in 283 AD, though then it was a purely wooden structure. This small monument is looked after today by the farmer's wife from the Bachbauer farm in St. Martin. In 1983, it even had to be rebuilt after being struck by lightning.

Next to the chapel, which was actually originally built on a carefully chosen place of natural power, we find the source of a spring. According to popular belief, because its water rotates to the right, it is said to have the same healing powers as the water in Lourdes. It can be stored practically forever, and many people make a pilgrimage to it in order to ease any eye complaints they might have.

St. Egidius Filial Church

The "Egidikirchlein" lies west of the market town, above Dasl and at the foot of the Speiereck. This simple church, which was expanded in 1650, has a Romanesque heart. It was first chronicled in the 13th century and is connected with the Burgstall ruins (above the church).


In earlier times, every farm had its own grain crib or "Troadkasten". Originally carpentered out of logs, it features artistic "swallowtail" ornamentation. As of the 16th century, they were made out of brick, making them a lot more fire resistant, and were decorated with frescoes.

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