Mur Bike Tour

The Mur is the second biggest river in Austria, and it is this very river which has its origins here in the Lungau. And it was in honor of her that one of the most beautiful bike tours in all of Austria was created.

On a route extending for some 365 km, riders accompany the river from the Lungau through Styria and down towards the Slovenian border, ending in Bad Radkersburg in Styria's "Thermenland" region.


  • Elevation change: 1,078 vertical meters ( purely the gains, since the countryside is very undulating)
    Between the headwaters of the Mur in Lungau and Bad Radkersburg in Styria, the total elevation change is 1,675 vm.
  • Difficulty: easy to moderate, for experienced touring cyclists
  • Surface: paved and bike paths with a solid, compacted surface
  • Recommended schedule: around one week incl. time set aside for sightseeing along the way
  • Ideal time of year: from mid-April until mid-October  
  • Signs: marked the entire length of the route, green signs and " Murradweg R2" markers ( Salzburg and Styria differ)
  • Riding with the kids: Only recommended when they have successfully completed a bicycle-safety course.
  • Also handicapped-accessible to hand-bike users!

Starting Point: National Park Village of Muhr

By bus or car to the National Park community of Muhr-Hintermuhr via the Arsenhaus (elev. 1,341 m, not staffed), then continue to the Muritzen car park (coin-operated toll barrier for the Arsenhaus, price per car EUR 3 round trip).

From there, you have the option to ride your bike (29% gradient) or take the Lungau valley bus to the Sticklerhütte (elev. 1,752 m) where refreshments are available. Now continue on foot along a farm path to the origin of the Mur at 1,898 m) (walk time: about 1 hour 15 minutes).

From Muritzen car park, you can also hike along a footpath for about 1 hour until you reach the Sticklerhütte.

From the Sticklerhütte or from the town center of Muhr, the Mur Bike Tour sets out downhill through the broad Lungau basin, taking you past St. Michael, St. Margarethen, Unternberg, Tamsweg and finally to Ramingstein.

Between Tamsweg and Ramingstein, you will encounter a world full of legends. As you pass info stations created just for bike riders and carved reliefs, you will learn all kinds of details about legends said to have occurred in this area, as you will important information about the themes "Forest" and "Wood".

After this, your journey continues from SalzburgerLand into Styria, beginning with Predlitz and then to Murau, Judenburg, Zeltweg, Knittelfeld, Leoben, Bruck an der Mur, Frohnleiten and Graz to Bad Radkersburg, located on the Slovenian border.

Kostenlose Parkmöglichkeit: Liftparkplatz St. Martin

Organized return shuttle service from May to October

  • Bad Radkersburg to St. Michael im Lungau (opportunities to board and exit the shuttle along the entire length of the Mur Bike Tour)
    Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday: 2 pm from Bad Radkersburg
    Sunday: 11 am from the bus parking area at Therme Bad Radkersburg
    Price per person: EUR 46.00 incl. bike and luggage
    Children up to age 12: EUR 36.00
    Reservations are required!
  • Bad Radkersburg via St. Michael im Lungau to Salzburg
    Saturday: 9 am from Bad Radkersburg
    Price per person: EUR 65.00 incl. bicycle and luggage (min. 6 people)
    Groups of 8 or more by arrangement, also outside of the regular times, and at the same price per passenger.
    Reservations are required!

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