Path of birds

The path of birds in St.Michael leads along  the consisting way called „Mühlsteig“  which is at the end of the mountain Speiereck and it is an interesting hike for the whole family where all of them get a comprehensive view into the world of the birds.

The entry to this habitat has its own appropiate door . The path of birds also offers some nicely designed banches where it is possible to listen to the sound of the birds and to relax.

Along the way there are many boards which inform about the local birds and their habitat. Furthermore it is possible to recieve some informations by doing some playful activies on those boards.

Additionally there are some life-size sculptures of birds made out of wood, which are painted and lettered.  The birds are about 1 metre big.

One of the highlights of the path of birds, from where you have a fantastic view all over St.Michael and the whole Murtal, is an observation station which offers space for about 20 people.
At this station there is a telescop for watching the birds and a board which can regive about 10 different birdscalls.